Cleaning with Eucalyptus & Tea Tree oil

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Cleaning with Eucalyptus & Tea Tree oil

A side from using Eucalyptus oil medicinally, Eucalyptus oil can be used to kill germs, fungus, and viruses in your home. Our products are a breath of fresh air instead of harsh and toxic cleaning products that are sold in stores.

Eucalyptus oil is derive from the eucalyptus trees, native to Australia. Comparable to Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus oil is a vigorous antiseptic which destroys many bacteria and germs. The oil from eucalyptus trees, commonly known as “GUM” leaves, also has used for cold and influenza treatments as well as an excellent remover of oily stains from fabrics.

Tea Tree oil also originates from the leaves of a plant that is native the Eastern Australia called Melaleuca. It is now grown in backyards and plantations throughout across the world. Tea Tree oil is known as one of the most exceptional antiseptics and disinfectant, nature has to offer.

With that being said, all of our products we use in your home contain these two remarkable oils to make sure that your home and office is sanitized, disinfected and germ-free.

Here are some great house cleaning tips, for your home and office…

  1. In a spray bottle mix some eucalyptus and tea tree oil with vinegar and water to deodorize and disinfect kitchen & bathrooms, counters, door knobs and living area etc.
  2. Combine a tablespoon of these two great oils and drop it into the toilet bowl, not only will it disinfect but it will also get rid of any unpleasant lingering odors that are left behind.
  3. When mopping, using a few drops of eucalyptus and tea tree oil will help remove scuff marks on the floor as well as killing germs that are around. You will be amazed with the outcome.
  4. Eucalyptus oil, has also been known to eliminate grass marks and grease stains from clothes, by softly rubbing the blotch with the oil.
  5. Before washing, spray some eucalyptus oil in the underarms of the shirts to not only help freshen up, but also it breaks down all the germs that are generated from the oils in our body.
  6. Now that flu season is almost here, we can use some eucalyptus oil in a room to kill the bacteria and germs that are around. Also, suitable for cigarette smell.
  7. If you have a musty smell or live in a humid atmosphere, use some of this eucalyptus and tea tree oil mixture and spray it around. It will eliminate that smell, not just disguise the odor.

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