Tidy Bowl Package

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clean bathroom

We use all Eco-friendly cleaning products and we make sure that your home is sanitized, disinfected and will not harm you or your family in any way. We take pride in cleaning your personal space thoroughly. Like your bathroom. We will clean, wipe, scrub, sanitize & disinfect your whole bathroom.

  • Sinks: We use our Eco-friendly all purpose cleaner for the count tops, sink and around the sink. We scrub off any water stains from the faucets with our homemade paste. Pat dry and shine the sinks.
  • Toilets: We use our own Eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner and use the all purpose spray to sanitize throughout the toilet bowl, seat, cover, top of toilet, tank and around the base.
  • Bathtubs: We use our Eco-friendly paste on all the grout where over time water accumulates, dries up and mold starts to grow. We then spray it down with the all purpose spray and scrub the bathtub. Wipe down the outer part of the bathtub
  • We will wipe down all: cabinets, walls, doors, light fixtures & switches, and door knobs using a disinfecting spray with a microfiber cloth that will not damage or scratch your paint.
  • Floors: Vacuum and scrub your floors clean leaving it shinny and dry.
  • Mirrors: Wiped clean, leaving them streak-free.
  • Waste basket: Emptied and taken to the outdoor trash cans.
  • Remove all cobwebs.

Master bathroom with separate shower & whirlpool tub. (Extra)

We can always accommodate your needs and customize a plan that fits your life style.




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